Fund raising for an indigenous language school in Vanuatu

Monolingual schooling in English is a contributing factor to the loss of indigenous languages (see Bromham, Hua, Algy, & Meakins 2020, and Bromham et al. 2022). This is why initiatives like the one by a South-Pacific community is so important. Please spread the word and consider taking part of it!

Bromham, L., Hua, X., Algy, C., & Meakins, F. (2020). Language endangerment: a multidimensional analysis of risk factors. Journal of Language Evolution, 5(1), 75-91.

Bromham, L., Dinnage, R., Skirgård, H., Ritchie, A., Cardillo, M., Meakins, F., Greenhill, S. & Hua, X. (2022). Global predictors of language endangerment and the future of linguistic diversity. Nature ecology & evolution, 6(2), 163-173.

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Simon Devylder

Linguistic Anthropologist

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