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Congratulations Heron!

Heron Kulukul is a brilliant Paamese young man, who has worked with me on various research projects in Vanuatu for the past four years. Today, he obtained his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mathematics and Physics from the University of the South Pacific, and I want to tell him and the world how proud I … Continue reading Congratulations Heron!

Fund raising for an indigenous language school in Vanuatu

Monolingual schooling in English is a contributing factor to the loss of indigenous languages (see Bromham, Hua, Algy, & Meakins 2020, and Bromham et al. 2022). This is why initiatives like the one by a South-Pacific community is so important. Please spread the word and consider taking part of it! Bromham, L., Hua, X., … Continue reading Fund raising for an indigenous language school in Vanuatu

PATHS If, for some reason, you ended up on a remote South Pacific island and chat with its inhabitants about their family, someone may tell you this: (1) Namusil sise onen Mama onak ‘I followed my mother’s path’ (Paamese) If you grew up in a WEIRD country (Western European Industrialized Rich & Democratic) like I … Continue reading PATHS

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