Publications and talks


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Upcoming talks

Devylder, S. (TBA) – Guest lecture, The Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University, Denmark, Feb. 28th 2023.

Devylder, S. (TBA) – Guest lecture, The Dynamics of Language Lab (CNRS), University of Lyon 2, France, May 2nd 2023.

Invited talks & guest lectures

Devylder, S. Polysemiotic kinship systems as instruments of cumulative cultural evolution – Guest lecture, Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney, Australia, Nov. 4th 2022.

Devylder, S. Linguistic fieldwork – Guest inspirational talk at the Department of Linguistics, Lund University, Sweden, 22 April 2022.

Devylder, S. and Hinnel, J. How Paamese speakers think, talk, and gesture about kinship – Guest lecture at the Department of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley, 30 April 2022.

Devylder, S. Language documentation and fieldwork methods – Guest lecture, Linguistics Department, University of Florida, 30 November 2021.

Devylder, S. More diversity in metaphor studies – Panel speaker at Research and Applying Metaphor Conference, Hamar University, Norway, 18-21 June 2020.

Devylder, S. Paamese sand drawings: insights into the polysemiotic nature of human communication – Guest lecture at the School of Language and Linguistics, Melbourne University, Australia, 23 August 2019.

Devylder, S. Metaphor and Linguistic diversity – Panel speaker at The Creative Power of Metaphor, Oxford University, UK, 28-30 March 2019.

Devylder, S. Cutting & Breaking Metaphors of the Self – Guest lecture at the department of English, Lund University, Sweden, 10 October 2017.

Devylder, S. Mereology in the Flesh – Keynote at Building Figurative Language Repositories International Symposium, Zagreb, Croatia, 27-28 May 2016.

General sessions

Devylder, S., Hinnel, J., van de Weijer, J., Brink Andersen, L. & L. Laporte-Devylder. Complex social structures are encoded in speech and gesture: The case of the Paamese polysemiotic kinship system. International Societies for Gesture Studies Conference, Chicago, USA, July 2022.

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